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PPC Advertising & Management Services Agency

Deciding to embark upon an adwords campaign can be both an exciting venture and a daunting venture. Exciting, for the fact that it will ideally yield a substantial profit margin for your company. Daunting, because you are aware of the complexities that adwords presents and if the campaign is mismanaged hundreds or thousands of your hard earned dollars can go to waste.

Strategic Steps To Low CPC – PPC Management Services

That’s where we can help. We take the guess work out of adwords campaigns and manage them with laser-targeted precision. We’ve done so for over 10 years. We’ll start by reviewing your keywords thoroughly and we will utilize sophisticated software programs that will give us lower-priced alternate long-tail keywords that we may want to use. After we have selected these lower-priced keywords, we’ll craft compelling ads that draw clicks from readers. We’ll also either work with you to fine tune your own landing page, or we’ll design a landing page for you ($100 fee applies) to maximize conversions. This is a very important step and is never to be overlooked. The correct landing page can make or break an adwords campaign. We’ll continue to monitor bid prices to ensure you are paying the least amount per click. The combination of these items will inevitably result in raising your quality score which will lower your cost per click and save you money (which is the goal). We’ll also do a comprehensive competitive analysis of your major foes. We’ll review what ad copy they are using, what landing pages, and what approximate bid price they are coming in at – all to give us more ideas and better strategic insight.

An Experienced Google Adwords Certified & Management Company

Adwords Management Services is one of our core competencies, and as an adwords management company we have been doing so for 10 years.  We have a vast array of experience in internet marketing and have won numerous awards as well.  Our track record includes hundreds of active clients across many different verticles. Our prices are so low because we feel that adwords management should be affordable to all companies.   We look forward to working with clients on a one on one basis to assist them with their adwords management initiatives and encourage all web surfers to contact us so we can show you our award winning skills.  Please call us at 877-266-8998.